Monday, May 16, 2022
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During the heat of the summer, it is very important not to overgraze cool-season grasses. Learn more about maintaining pastures in hot, dry weather.

As solar sites grow in size and number in Ohio and Pennsylvania, it could be a new business opportunity for sheep farmers. But it's an opportunity that comes with many strings attached.

Attendees at the Ohio Forage and Grasslands Council July 9 field day visited Lone Pine Pastures and Leroy Kuhns farm in Wayne County. The council also presented several awards at the event.

Understanding the dangers and various management strategies to control toxic plants will reduce the risk of potential poisoning for your livestock.

Oats are a good crop to consider as an alternative forage because of its flexibility as a feed, yield potential and low-cost establishment.

The American Solar Grazing Association is looking for shepherds, beekeepers and solar sites to participate in a study looking at the impacts of agrivoltaics. Data will be collected during the 2022 and 2023 grazing seasons.

Soil testing provides more information to farmers so they can ensure their fields are healthy, productive and can support the land usage.

Livestock species have different tolerances to onions. Sheep and goats have the highest tolerance with beef having the lowest.

Rotational grazing is used to graze certain sections of pasture and move cattle before it is overgrazed, which allows the grass to grow back quicker.

Prepare now for warmer temperatures and increased perci[pitation the last two weeks of March to prevent your pastures from turning into mud.