Friday, January 27, 2023
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Find out why Ohio State Extension educator Clif Martin is keeping a close eye on Asian Longhorned Tick, invasive shrubs and drone use on the farm in 2023.

With record-high fuel prices and part shortages, you might want to consider letting the livestock graze crop residues.

Now is the time to make sure equipment is in good working order and you have enough quality feed for your herd this winter.

It's time to consider installing heavy use pads in areas around waterers and locations where hay will be fed that have been an issue in the past.

When it comes to pasture management for horses, one size does not fit all.

Whether you're purchasing land to graze livestock on or you already have some property that you would like to convert, there are some things to consider.

Big Tom Perkins showed off some of his mistakes and some of his victories during a pasture walk at his farm, Con-o-Creek Farm, in Beaver County, Aug. 23.

In the last five years, Grace Meadows Farm has gone from a dairy farm to a beef cattle operation, contract grazing as many as 600 beef cattle through the summer.

Learn more about signs of bloat in both cattle and small ruminants, and how to prevent it. 

Each farm and ranch is unique as to how it may use a grazing management system or other conservation programs to be eligible for carbon credit programs.