Monday, April 12, 2021
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Rotational grazing is used to graze certain sections of pasture and move cattle before it is overgrazed, which allows the grass to grow back quicker.

Prepare now for warmer temperatures and increased perci[pitation the last two weeks of March to prevent your pastures from turning into mud.

Winter weather creates challenges for providing fresh, clean and unfrozen water to livestock. Learn how to determine which watering system is best for you.

Organic Valley is testing out new technology using satellite imagery to measure pasture health with 22 farms, including five in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

One thing we can do on these cold and snowy winter days is think of warmer temperatures and plan for new forage seedings.

The quality of forages made in 2020 was much better for most compared to the previous two years.

Managing body condition for livestock is a balancing act. Learn more about tips and tricks to improve your management practices.

Learn more about strategies for feeding cattle in the snow, and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

The farm, an organic dairy, uses rotational grazing through most of the year, among other conservation practices. This year, the farm received the Cooperator of the Year award from the Carroll Soil and Water Conservation District for its conservation work.

Learn how to extend your grazing during the winter months. You may not make the rotation last 150 days, but can you make it last longer — say, 90 days?