Sunday, May 28, 2023
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The Pennsylvania Grazing Lands Coalition and Pasa Sustainable Agriculture is accepting applications for mentors and mentees for its new mentor program.

Warm-season annuals forages have grown in popularity over the years to help fill in the forage deficient period we call summer. Explore your options.

The grazing management system on your farm should focus on both the animals and the plants. 

What are your grazing goals for this year? One obtainable goal to keep in mind is proper management of your pastures.

It's time to take inventory of remaining hay supplies to make sure there is enough until pastures green up regardless of what weather conditions occur.

Pasture condition scoring is a systematic way to check how well a pasture is managed and performing.

Using corn fodder residue for livestock to graze meets their nutritional needs and can provide an inexpensive feed source for 65-111 days into the winter. 

Does your pasture look healthier today than it did all those years ago? If not, maybe we should be doing it better than grandpa did it.

Before spraying, it may be helpful do some investigation into what contributed to weed establishment and consider your pasture management techniques.

Weeds can get a strong foothold in the fall. Learn how to manage poison hemlock, spotted knapweed, common ragweed and chicory in your pastures.