Friday, January 27, 2023
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It's time to assess what your winter forage needs will be and make plans based on your requirements and availability of the potential forage acres you farm. 

Testing now will give you plenty of time to plan ahead for winter and ensure you have enough supplemental feed on hand.

Bryce Angell crafts a poem about the men who helped his father bale his hay.

It's time to take inventory of remaining hay supplies to make sure there is enough until pastures green up regardless of what weather conditions occur.

The goal is to harvest at the boot stage for grasses and late bud or early bloom for legumes. Ted Wiseman explains in this week's All About Grazing column.

Hay fires are caused when bacteria in wet hay create so much heat that the hay spontaneously combusts. Learn how to monitor your haystack.

Planning the winter grazing and supplementation program has tremendous impact on farm profitability.

Learn to evaluate leafiness, maturity, odor, color, softness, purity, bale condition and contaminants to determine overall quality of hay.

A fire took out a building and all the hay in it at Rogers Community Auction & Flea Market.

Having your forages analyzed is the only way to determine if hay will meet an animal's nutrient requirements during the winter.