Sunday, July 21, 2019
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Animals need alternative food sources to get the higher amounts of fiber they typically get from hay. Learn what can be substituted.

Find out what you can do when unbaled wheat straw is going for $100/ton.

Weather in the Midwest is forcing livestock producers to buy hay earlier. As a result, horse owners may not have an easy time finding it later this year.

Ohio’s Rural American Relief and Ohio Relief Haulers traveled out west to Nebraska and Iowa to give relief to flooding victims.

Hay shortage is a growing concern for many farmers across the Midwest.

There are several different methods of feeding large round bales of hay. Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Using livestock to make later cuttings of hay is one of the best opportunities producers have to reduce costs and make more profit year after year.

Rainy days have made hay and forage harvesting a challenge, but have also kept the crop growing.

A cold start to spring had some farmers worried about the hay crop, but warm weather in May has the crop maturing fast.

Raymond Bricker, Salem, Ohio, was named the 2017 National Haymaker of the Year. Bricker farms 1,900 acres and trucks hay and straw across the U.S.
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