Friday, December 1, 2023
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If you're going to heat your home with wood, you should learn how to operate and maintain a wood burner to keep it safe and efficient for many years.

As winter approaches and more people look to firewood to heat their homes, the Ohio Department of Agriculture is offering tips to help when purchasing wood.

Learn to conduct simple moisture tests and identify seasoned wood by its appearance, weight, smell and other characteristics.

Fireplaces, stoves, heating systems, candles and even electric lights are used more often during the winter, increasing the risk of home fires.

Not every log is created equally. There are various factors to consider when selecting, storing and seasoning firewood.

If you plan to use a wood stove or fireplace this winter, don’t forget to perform regular maintenance this fall to prepare for the cold months ahead. Proper upkeep, good heating practices and having a plan in place for home and chimney fires improves heating efficiency and safety.

If you're heating your home or shop with fuel oil, remember to do so safely.

Warmer-than-average temperatures aren’t helping the price slump.

Being familiar with state firewood laws can help ensure you get what you pay for.

A thorough inspection identifies system maintenance needs and allows time to fix problems before winter weather hits.