Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Kym Seabolt takes on the big hill in her yard with her new lawn tractor.

Implementing natural lawn care strategies can save you time and money, with the added bonus of helping to create a healthier and more sustainable lawn.

Instead of working to remove fallen leaves from your lawn, have them work for you by adding mulched leaves to your lawn, garden and compost.

Ground ivy is one of the most difficult weeds to manage in lawns. Learn what strategies to implement and what herbicides to use to get rid of it.

This summer, if you'd like to save some money (and blood, sweat and tears), convert a portion of your grassy backyard to native vegetation.

Follow this spring lawn mower maintenance checklist to get your mower in working order before the grass gets too long.

Compacted soil blocks oxygen, water and nutrients from reaching the root systems of the turf, creating a lawn with weak roots.

The key to grub management is to coordinate your attack with the stage the pest is at in its lifecycle. Learn which control methods to use at each stage.

If you burn wood as a primary or supplemental heat source in the winter, you might want to consider saving the ashes for your lawn or garden in the spring.

Implement a more environmentally conscientious lawn care regimen and become a better steward of your land. Use these simple tips to get started.