Thursday, June 1, 2023
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A Farm and Dairy reader provides information to preserve Butternut Farm, in North Eaton that has been put up for auction.

A reader shares the story of Austin Lakes RV Park and Cabins, which benefitted from the natural gas and oil industry in Ohio.

Reader calls cattle producers to take notice of upcoming legislation that could impact the industry.

A reader applauds the letter from Marge Conner in the Feb. 4 issue of Farm and Dairy regarding the treatment of protestors in the Capitol riots.

Retired, 84-years-young dairy farmer supports President Trump all the way.

One reader shares his opinion that legislators have no idea or maybe don't care about agriculture and how it affects this country and the economy.

The farming landscape is always evolving. One reader shares his thoughts on these changes and offers insight on making it to the next generation.

Letter writer says the dietary guidelines are incorrect, and that food with some fat in it is good for you, citing author Nina Teicholz.

Pa. dairyman says dairy farmers need an emergency $20 per hundredweight floor price under all milk used to manufacture dairy products, and a long-term remedy for the industry's survival.