Monday, May 16, 2022
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Livestock species have different tolerances to onions. Sheep and goats have the highest tolerance with beef having the lowest.

Winter weather creates challenges for providing fresh, clean and unfrozen water to livestock. Learn how to determine which watering system is best for you.

Before you take home a duckling or ducklings this spring, be aware of the care requirements for your flock to thrive.

Cold weather can put added stress on pets, livestock and other animals outdoors. Use these tips to care for your animals during periods of low temperatures.

As Judith Sutherland lays her dog Reo to rest, her husband welcomes home a secondhand flock of sheep.

Despite Pennsylvania's first confirmed case of COVID-19 in a cat veterinary experts say residents shouldn't worry about contracting the virus from animals.

Pennsylvania leads the country in organic livestock and poultry sales, with $449 million in sales in 2019, according to the recently released 2019 Organic Survey.

No cases of COVID-19 have been reported in pigs, horses, sheep, chickens or cows, but their susceptibility is unknown. Find out what researchers do know.

A new study looked at 10 Pennsylvania farms to find out what it would take to scale up pastured livestock production.

With meat processing plants partially or fully closed or backed up with orders, some Ohio farmers are reluctantly reducing their flocks or herds.