Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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Just as environment and expectations are key for livestock guardian dog training, Tarma Shena says these aspects are crucial for livestock selection, too.

Tarma Shena discusses makes up a healthy livestock guardian dog pack hierarchy, as Tanaka decides she deserves the same respect as everyone else.

What we owe the animals in our care is the ability to succeed, should they ever need to do it without us.

Tarma Shena mulls over unexpected complications in her livestock guardian dog breeding program, as she prepares for winter.

For Tarma Shena, it’s not the livestock guardian dog and the stock on one side of a fence, away from the shepherd. They are in it together, start to finish.

Tarma Shena shares keys to building a successful livestock guardian dog pack, and introduces her newest addition.

Tarma Shena shares how "what we’ve always done" with livestock guardian dogs isn’t going to cut it any more, especially as farming continues to change.

A busy spring has Tarma Shena considering the next steps for her livestock guardian dog pack.

Tarma Shena shares about her journey with herding dogs and LGDs. The key? Expect better, from them both.

Happy birthday, Kyra, 9 years young this month — a living, breathing representation of Tarma Shena's journey into livestock guardian dog ownership.