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How a 17th century question of how the brain works shows what's important when it comes to communicating with dogs well.

Tarma Shena's addition of a dairy cow herd ushers in a new calling for one of her young livestock guardian dogs.

Training young livestock guardian dogs during lambing can be time consuming, but Tarma Shena shares why it is an important job for the shepherd.

Unwanted behaviors in livestock guardian dogs "didn't start yesterday," Tarma Shena says. To solve them, you need to pay attention.

Training is about the human, not the animal. Humans like things to be easy, and we’ll let a situation or behavior slide, because it’s working.

Colter, head of Tarma Shena's pack, shares what it's like to live and work as part of the Farei Kennels team.

Just as environment and expectations are key for livestock guardian dog training, Tarma Shena says these aspects are crucial for livestock selection, too.

Tarma Shena discusses makes up a healthy livestock guardian dog pack hierarchy, as Tanaka decides she deserves the same respect as everyone else.

What we owe the animals in our care is the ability to succeed, should they ever need to do it without us.

Tarma Shena mulls over unexpected complications in her livestock guardian dog breeding program, as she prepares for winter.