Friday, May 24, 2024
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The Animal Agriculture Alliance board of directors has announced Hannah Thompson-Weeman has been named the organization's new president and CEO. 

Beginning in June 2023, farmers won’t be able to buy any over-the-counter antibiotics for their animals. This will be a big change for farmers, many of whom are accustomed to doing much of their own veterinary care.

The days of allowing livestock to have full access to streams are numbered as more regulations are set and the importance of clean water is emphasized

There are a lot of unknowns with the invasive Asian longhorned tick. However, some evidence has suggested they could be a new threat to cattle producers.

Instead of spending February making bottles and washing the diapers of two cute baby goats, Eliza Blue will be chasing a super stinky baby daddy around. 

There are a few precautions we can take to keep livestock protected during frigid winter temperatures.

With recent reports of sick and dying songbirds in Ohio and surrounding states, hobby and backyard poultry owners should take steps to protect their flocks. 

Understanding the dangers and various management strategies to control toxic plants will reduce the risk of potential poisoning for your livestock.

Julie Geiss recalls the time she tried to raise peafowl and all the trials and tribulations that came with it. Is she going for round two?

Livestock species have different tolerances to onions. Sheep and goats have the highest tolerance with beef having the lowest.