Wednesday, November 14, 2018
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The agriculture sector was deeply impacted by Hurricane Michael. Everything from poultry barns to pecan orchards took a serious hit.

The fires that have been plaguing the west are not a new phenomenon — fires were a scourge to the settlers in the prairies of the Old West.

Qualified farm operators in the designated natural disaster areas are eligible for FSA's emergency loans, provided eligibility requirements are met.

Check out the Farm and Dairy staff selections for the top 10 stories to impact its readership in 2017.

To lose a home and all earthly possessions is beyond imagining, but for Puerto Rico, the loss in agricultural production goes beyond the here and now.

Secretary Perdue 
renews call for
 Congress to fix fire 
borrowing problem.

At last count, it is estimated that 72,000 rescues were enacted as a result of Hurricane Harvey and this epic national disaster is not over yet.

As the news of Hurricane Harvey reached the country, it reminded Judith Sutherland of the first hurricane season she experienced while in the path of one.

Cover your bases and learn to protect your farm from the unexpected pitfalls of life.

Farmers continue to assess the damage from devastating floods that ravaged parts of West Virginia while many have reached out to help in their time of need.
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