Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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Producers need to plan ahead to maintain pastures through the summer slump when forage nutrition requirements are high.

Good pasture management during a wet winter means being cognizant of erosion and having a plan for the spring and summer.

A new study looked at 10 Pennsylvania farms to find out what it would take to scale up pastured livestock production.

Goats are great for cleaning up brush and unwanted vegetation prior to the initial investment of starting a new pasture and loading it with livestock.

A new study by Krishona Martinson and colleagues at the University of Minnesota shows that warm-season annual grasses have good potential for use in horse pastures.

Water distribution is one of the most important elements of pasture-based livestock systems. Learn how to develop a better water system on your farm.

Keep in mind that as the grazing season comes to an end there are plenty of ways that you can still improve your pasture for the following year.

The recommended strategy for eradication of infected tall fescue is called spray-smother-spray. It's most effective when used over a period of about a year.

Good pasture management and integrating several control strategies will be more successful than relying on one single method.

Warm temperatures increase the rate of plant damage, which is partially why summer flooding can cause more damage to plant tissue than spring floods.