Wednesday, January 18, 2017
The Dirt on Conservation

The Dirt on Conservation

Conservation means that the land and the natural resources available should be used by humans but still conserved in a responsible manner.

Throughout the world, big trees hold tremendous cultural, ecological, and economical value. Larger trees provide more economic benefits, grow quicker and sequester more carbon than small trees.

The term "storm sewer" is in the past. The system will not treat anything before it enters the local waters and will be very problematic to anything that lives within them.

Learn more about what's been going on at the Medina Soil and Water Conservation District during October 2016.

Learn more about setting up a conservation plan for your farm.

Learn to optimize the soil health of your garden to improve your results next year.

Take the time to think about how we might be able to change to manage our impacts on the land.

Learn to prevent and get rid of Spotted Knapweed.

Far too often farm runoff is blamed for fish kills; however, serval factors can contribute.

SWCD officials offer assistance to local landowners.
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