Friday, March 1, 2024
The Dirt on Conservation

The Dirt on Conservation

fat squirrel

Jim Smith, district technician for the Medina Soil and Water Conservation District, explains the behavior of Ohio's wildlife during the winter months.
Medina County Apiary Inspector Michael Mohn

Eric Hange discusses the importance of county apiary inspectors in preventing disease and mitigating threats to bee populations.
biodegradable silverware

Using biodegradable plates, cups and silverware at celebrations can help reach conservation goals in 2024.
christmas tree

Forest and Wildlife Technician Caitlin Harris discusses how to start the new year with a healthier environment by recycling your Christmas tree.
corn soybeans waterway conservation

To achieve conservation goals on your farm, make a plan and start small. Ask your local soil and water conservation office for help.
Riparian zone near a stream

Managing winter runoff is crucial for safeguarding both soil and water resources. Learn which strategies are most effective for farmers.
Winter manure spreading

Katie Eikleberry talks about the importance of good management practices when it is necessary to apply manure to fields during the winter months.
shower head

Kelly Riley writes about ways you can save both money and the climate by making small adjustments in your house.
Callery pear

Invasive species have many negative impacts on native ecosystems. Find out what you can do to control them in your woodlot.

Every day you are not feeding hay is a day when you are saving money, according to Wyatt Feldner, an ag technician with Monroe SWCD.