Thursday, November 21, 2019
The Dirt on Conservation

The Dirt on Conservation

Healthy soil

If you want to improve water quality, nutrient management or soil health on your operation, pick one thing and just do it.
Riparian zone near a stream

Perennial crops are diverse and offer a wide range of benefits. Learn the five general categories and how to get started.
flooded field

Ohio laws governing water rights and drainage are complex and constantly evolving. Deb Bigelow offers a breakdown for landowners in her column this week.
yellow nutsedge

Learn to understand how yellow nutsedge reproduces and thrives to better manage it in your forage crop fields and pastures.

You purchased local farm products all summer, but now what do you do with the remaining product? Here are a few ideas: canning, drying and freezing.

Learn how to better manage your land to get the most out of fertilizer applications and reduce runoff.
reusable bag with recycling symbol

The average American takes home almost 1,500 plastic bags every year. You can make a difference by switching to reusable bags to do your grocery shopping.
science project

Beginning in fifth grade, all across Ohio, students are exposed to the scientific method through their experiences in their schools' science fairs.

Learn how the record rainfall has impacted the survival of fawns, turkey poults and other wildlife, and how you can help mitigate the effects.
home and garden

Planning for increased rainfall is guaranteed to reduce runoff, improve soil health and water quality, save money and add beneficial beauty to your yard.
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