Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Having a balanced mineral program in place is important throughout the year as minerals are involved in most if not all metabolic functions of livestock.

Rotational grazing is used to graze certain sections of pasture and move cattle before it is overgrazed, which allows the grass to grow back quicker.

Choosing a forage that is adapted to the conditions of your pasture may be more effective than adapting your pasture to fit an appealing forage.

Organic Valley is testing out new technology using satellite imagery to measure pasture health with 22 farms, including five in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

One thing we can do on these cold and snowy winter days is think of warmer temperatures and plan for new forage seedings.

The quality of forages made in 2020 was much better for most compared to the previous two years.

Monitoring pasture growth increases farm profitability through improved weed control, forage yield, nutrient distribution and decreased erosion.

Frost seeding of legumes in February and early March can be used to improve pasture, hay quality and yield.

This freezing and thawing is what gives frost seeding a great chance to work. Learn more about this higher risk way to establish new forages.

Learn more about strategies for feeding cattle in the snow, and the advantages and disadvantages of each.