Thursday, August 11, 2022
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Native grasses provide cover for wildlife, excellent brood rearing habitat for grassland nesting and upland game birds and lots of forage for wildlife. 

Each farm and ranch is unique as to how it may use a grazing management system or other conservation programs to be eligible for carbon credit programs. 

Learn what more can be done to improve the soil health in our pastures and what will the benefits be.

Knocking back woody perennials like multiflora rose takes effort. Proactive weed management is really the best approach in any pasture or fence line. 

Planting warm season annual grasses is a feasible way to improve summer pastures or hay fields to maintain dry matter production during the summer slump. 

The ability of an electric fence to keep livestock in and predators out is determined by what type of fence you have, the energizer and proper grounding. 

Wheat can be both a cover crop or a fall pasture, which provides a provisional forage when hay or silage is running out in the summer. 

For some producers across the state, last winter was hard on an established alfalfa hayfield. An option is to improve the stand with perennial grasses. 

Management intensive grazing is thought to be one of the best ways to maximize grazing capacity. Find out if it's a profitable strategy for your operation.

If herbicides are what you need to tackle a problem, consider the temperature and timing and their impact on the product you are using.