Saturday, September 23, 2023
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Be on the lookout for the heaving of the crowns and root systems, healthy stems and toxic weeds you begin scouting your forage fields.

Ohio State University Extension educator Timothy McDermott shares tips to help livestock producers keep their animals safe from the growing threat of ticks.

Good grazing management can help prevent grass tetany. Here are a few considerations and practices to implement during your early spring grazing season. 

There are opportunities to learn and grow through the winter months. Now is the time to plan what the rest of the year on your farm could look like.

Good pasture management during a wet winter means being cognizant of erosion and having a plan for the spring and summer.

Learn more about the issues associated with extreme winter conditions and what producers can do to protect their herds. 

The Ohio Forage and Grasslands Council will be hosting its 2023 Annual Meeting on Feb. 17 at Deerassic Park Education Center in Cambridge, Ohio.

Giving livestock access to the entire pasture may temporarily provide enough forage, but it could reduce the amount of available forage for years to come.

Find out why Ohio State Extension educator Clif Martin is keeping a close eye on Asian Longhorned Tick, invasive shrubs and drone use on the farm in 2023.

The dry conditions across many parts of Ohio provide an opportunity to take soil samples and apply lime where needed.