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Poison hemlock and wild parsnip infestations are thriving in Ohio this year. Now is the time to learn how to identify and manage these two dangerous plants.

By cutting poison hemlock down after flowering, you can eliminate its potential to produce more seeds. Peak bloom for is in late May and early June.

When stands of established alfalfa get thinner weeds become a problem. The presence of poisonous weeds are of greatest concern in established alfalfa.

As summer progresses, the preferred forages for grazing dry up and become less available and animals are forced to consume plants they might otherwise not eat. These are some plants of concern for grazing livestock during these dry conditions in Ohio.

Poison Hemlock can be dangerous to both humans and livestock and should be taken care of early in the season. University of Missouri Extension Specialists share how to identify and remove this invasive plant.

Poison hemlock is a weed that livestock owners cannot afford to ignore because all parts of this plant including leaves, stems and roots are poisonous when ingested.