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Discovery World in Parkersburg, West Virginia, is in the final stages of exhibit construction and the sternwheeler in the museum stands out.

A series of programs held by the ODNR Division of Geological Survey will highlight the annual celebration of Earth Science Week from Oct. 9-Oct. 15.

Agricultural Research Service scientist Manuel Borca is the agency's Distinguished Senior Research Scientist of the Year for 2022. 

Precipitation pulls nitrates down to the ground creating poor man's fertilizer. Rain and snow both contain nitrogen, but snow is a better delivery method.

A leaf chromatography experiment enables you to discover and observe the different color pigmentations contained in leaves. Learn how to do this at home.

Their abundance, wide distribution and flexible diet make woolly bear caterpillars ideal for a home school science project. Learn how to care for them.

Learn how to use the induced alternating magnetic field around high-voltage transmission power lines to make a fluorescent tube bulb glow.

Beginning in fifth grade, all across Ohio, students are exposed to the scientific method through their experiences in their schools' science fairs.

Little glass tubes of mercury or red-dyed alcohol have done duty as temperature indicators since the 17th century. Find out how they work.

We sometimes learn from our mistakes; however, more frequently we seem to repeat them in science and politics.