Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Marlin Clark digs into global production and trade patterns that have been exacerbating low commodity prices, especially, related to corn and soybeans.

The biggest players in the global soybean market — the United States, Brazil, and China — are positioning themselves for a big 2023/24 marketing year.

Many farmers are seeing a late corn harvest this year. Experts and farmers debate the causes of Ohio's late harvest including wildfire haze, cooler temperatures and drought.

Ohio's soybean crush capacity could grow as much as 35% in the next few years. That's good news for farmers, industry experts say.

Corn, soybean and wheat prices are reacting to harvest progress across the country. Marlin Clark offers insight into the grain markets.

It bothers Marcia Ruff when a woman says she’s just a farm wife, because she believes there are many opportunities for women in agriculture.

Alan Guebert follows the numbers around the world to identify commodity trends and all the way back to the U.S. where way too much was spent on elections.

When customers buy soybeans from Bluegrass Farms of Ohio, they're buying varieties with consistent characteristics and identity preserved credentials. 

Alan Gubert points out problems with the White House's request for $33 billion to respond to the war in Ukraine, specifically, funds meant for farmers.

A western Pennsylvania farmer and his employee were charged in federal court for allegedly poisoning migratory birds with pesticide-laced corn.