Friday, December 1, 2023
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Alan Guebert calculates the actual cost of our livestock and poultry concentrated animal feeding operation culture. It's higher than most Americans believe.

Michael O'Neill and his farm, Bald Eagle Pass Tree Farm, are being recognized with the 2022 Ohio Tree Farm of the Year award.

At Cherokee Valley Bison Ranch, Carie Starr welcomes people to learn more about farming through agritourism, and leaves room for nature in addition to agricultural production.

Holly and Isaac Wiegmann are both the seventh generation of farmers in their families. At Next 7 Organic Farm, they are working to keep the farm sustainable for the next seven generations after them.

Advocates for issues like more sustainable food systems, better policies against systemic racism and climate-smart practices in agriculture have an opportunity to be heard as legislators begin work on the 2023 farm bill, said speakers at the Ohio Ecological Food and Farming Association’s conference Feb. 12.

Speakers focused on sustainability, swine health and diseases, industry updates, appealing to modern consumers and more at the 2022 Ohio Pork Congress.

USDA will invest $1.2M in a project with Ohio State to advance climate-smart agriculture related to efficiently irrigating and applying nutrients to crops.

Weston Lombard has spent more than a decade working on turning Solid Ground Farm, a former horse farm, in Millfield, Ohio, into a system that can meet many of his own food needs, and help other people connect with their environment. Native plants that work well with the natural landscape are an important part of that.

Customers are demanding greener products, so Tyson and other major food companies are answering. What's going to happen to smaller operations who are not?

Sales of food and beverages bearing labels relating to environmental sustainability have seen increases in the last few years and the trend should continue.