Thursday, December 8, 2022
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Haskins Farm owner Curtis Cook won Geauga County Soil and Water Conservation District's Big Tree Contest with his champion tuliptree.

Fall is an ideal time to plant new trees. Learn more about the nuances of planting and successfully establishing balled-and-burlapped trees.

Trees provide wildlife habitats, create windbreaks, reduce erosion, improve air quality by releasing oxygen and sequestering CO2. Learn how to help.

Now is the time to prepare for adding new trees to your landscape this spring. Learn how to choose the right variety for you and get it off to a good start.

Learn more about the benefits of planting trees and how to ensure any trees you plant will grow successfully.

When fall colors begin to reveal themselves, it's time to plant woody vines, small trees and perennial wildflowers.

Preemptive or pre-salvage harvesting of black walnut anywhere in Ohio, due to the presence of thousand cankers disease, is not recommended.

Planting new trees and shrubs in the fall takes advantage of favorable soil temperatures and moisture conditions that promote root growth.

Throughout September and October, buckeyes start dropping from mature trees. Learn to collect the perfect seeds and grow your own Ohio Buckeye tree.

It takes a lot of work to convert a woodlot to a new dominate native species, but you can eliminate the native surge.