Sunday, October 1, 2023
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New long-term research led by Penn State has revealed that hardwood trees may be less vulnerable to spotted lanternflies than initially thought.

Crawford County Conservation District will be hosting a tree identification workshop on Sept. 19 at the Woodcock Creek Nature Center.

Beech leaf disease has been documented in at least a dozen counties in northeast Ohio and parts of Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut and Ontario, Canada.

Oak wilt kills thousands of oak trees every year. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to identify, prevent and treat oak wilt disease.

Sometimes planting trees is really planting memories that will improve the ecosystem and transcend generations.

Trees have so many benefits when it comes to conservation. Trees prevent and reduce erosion, can improve biodiversity, help pollinators and produce timber.

Can you distinguish pine trees from spruce, fir, hemlock, yew and cypress trees? Each type of conifer has its own unique traits. Learn to identify them all.

There are a couple overwintering options for container-grown trees that protect their root systems without bringing them out of a dormant state.

Learn how to grow your own native Christmas tree to plant at the end of the season to benefit wildlife and improve the ecosystem in your backyard.

Haskins Farm owner Curtis Cook won Geauga County Soil and Water Conservation District's Big Tree Contest with his champion tuliptree.