Tuesday, February 20, 2024
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Kymberly Foster Seabolt has never been fancy or flashy when it comes to choosing new cars. Ironically, her newest vehicle has its own plans.

U.S. Department of Transportation designated 10 proving ground pilot sites to encourage testing and information sharing for automated vehicle technologies.

Efficiently remove ice and fog from your car’s windshield with these tips.

It’s best to be prepared before heading out during the winter months so that if you do run into problems and are stranded, you won’t be completely down on your luck.

Prepare your car for winter before the snow starts to fly.

Winter road conditions can lead to dangerous situations. We could all learn a little from a team of million mile accident-free drivers: America's Road Team Captains.

Dreading the winter day when your car won't start? Here's a few tips to help avoid having an early-morning freak-out.

CHARLESTON, W. VA. — Hundreds of natural gas and automotive industry professionals from across the nation are expected to attend the inaugural Appalachian Basin...

Kentucky Farm Bureau (KFB) recently released its 2012 Farm Vehicle Regulations quick-reference guide and has made it available for download.