Thursday, August 11, 2022
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Judith Sutherland helps her late father-in-law, Don Sutherland, compose a transcript of his World War II diary to give to his sons for Christmas.

Julie Geiss reminds us that our national treasure is the collective group of veterans that have defended our freedom across the globe.

The Pennsylvania Veteran Farming Project kicked off its series of field days June 4with a tour of Pyma Love Farm, in Linesville, Pennsylvania.

Rhonda Smith started The Skirted Soldier with a goal of giving back 10% of all sales to other female veterans. So far she's given away more than $3,000.

After 20 years in the military, Devin Winklosky returned home to western Pennsylvania and his farming roots, by starting a hopyard with his sister.

A new program is giving military veterans a new way to serve their country: by cultivating pollinators.

Learn who owned Arlington before the Civil War and how it came to be known as Arlington National Cemetery.

David Clough, Marine Corps Reserve veteran and owner of Creekside Farms, moved to West Virginia to farm after years of living near Cleveland.

The authentic story of how Memorial Day came into being.

Retired Pennsylvania farmer Ivan Stoltzfus is headed cross country in a 1948 John Deere A to raise support for Operation Second Chance and veterans assistance.