Monday, October 22, 2018
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Tests show small amounts of pharmaceuticals in some north central Pennsylvania well water.

Recognizing the importance of river corridor protection, Ohio pioneered the river preservation movement with the nation's first Scenic Rivers Act.

The American Farm Bureau is leading an effort to block the 2015 Waters of the U.S. rule from going into effect.

We all need to compromise for the good of nature, animals, wildlife, pollinators, and even ourselves. Protecting our natural resources will benefit us all.

Michigan State University will study which farm management practices prevent nutrients from leaving farmlands and moving into rivers and lakes.

Whether it’s science or science fiction, dowsing has a long history and is still practiced today. Learn more about the craft of dowsing and how it works.

Runoff water can pick up and carry many substances that pollute water. Some — like pesticides, fertilizers, oil and soap — are harmful in any quantity.

Penn State Extension has received funding to provide no-cost drinking water testing to a limited number of homeowners.

Riparian areas act as a buffer zone between water and the land use, provide terrestrial habitat, enhance aquatic habitat and reduce soil erosion of banks.

A new project proposes a restructured index to build on phosphorus management efforts in New York and beyond.
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