Friday, December 4, 2020
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The best piece of advice I could give anyone would be, hire a soil scientist to examine your soil to see if it is conducive to pond construction.

It’s difficult to tell the strength of ice simply by its appearance, its thickness, the temperature outside or whether or not it’s covered with snow.

DEP encourages residents in these counties to voluntarily reduce their water use by 10-15 percent.

Before getting into the boat, make sure the hole is plugged, and that the boat is ready.

We only have so much groundwater, so let's protect it.

Letter writer says water quality trading amounts to pollution trading.

A healthy, forested riparian zone serves many purposes in the ecosystem, links a stream to its watershed and gives the stream access to its floodplain.

Water quality study finds two ways to reduce phosphorus into Lake Erie, and one is by converting cropland to grassland.

Watershed workshop is a promising opportunity for educators.

The tool provides the public, water system operators, state programs, and federal agencies with critical information.