Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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A healthy, forested riparian zone serves many purposes in the ecosystem, links a stream to its watershed and gives the stream access to its floodplain.

Water quality study finds two ways to reduce phosphorus into Lake Erie, and one is by converting cropland to grassland.

Watershed workshop is a promising opportunity for educators.

The tool provides the public, water system operators, state programs, and federal agencies with critical information.

Water quality lawsuits continue in the courts.

According to Department of Health, the primary source of childhood lead poisoning in Pennsylvania continues to be exposure to aging, deteriorating lead-based paint (chips and dust), and not drinking water.

Reducing exposure to lead is an important health consideration, especially for households with young children or those who may be considering starting a family.

If you’re concerned that your tap water might have elevated levels of lead in it, the first place to start is with your community’s water system.

Working together, we can use our water resources wisely to make sure future generations have an adequate water supply.

Ohio's soil and water conservation program is transferring to ag department.