Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Learn how to control green, yellow and giant foxtails in their hayfield.

Poison hemlock is a biennial weed that is toxic to livestock and people if ingested, making it dangerous in the edges of pasture fields and hay fields.

The resurgence of dandelions in Ohio has been occurring over the last couple of years after decades of thinning out. Find out what Ohio State experts think.

Keeping nuisance weeds out of the fence line is valuable to the structure of the fence and keeping the livestock safe.

Learn how to weigh the benefits of certain plants to the ecosystem against the risks to develop a weed management program in grazing and hay systems.

Learn to understand how yellow nutsedge reproduces and thrives to better manage it in your forage crop fields and pastures.

To manage forage weed control, you have to know what factors contributed to weed establishment in the first place, before spraying.

Here's the lesson. Poison ivy is a chameleon. It can grow as a vine, a shrub or even a small tree. Scott Shalaway offers tips to avoid it.

Weeds can also be a problem if they were not properly managed prior or just after seeding the alfalfa.

Starting with 2016 and continuing through '17 and '18 the Indiana State Seed Lab has had high failure rates on both regulatory and service samples of rye.