Friday, February 23, 2024
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Learn how to stop spotted knapweed and hemp dogbane from taking over and destroying a healthy hay field.

It's important to identify weeds in your pastures to ensure proper chemical use, to optimize grazing management and to prevent the spread of seeds.

Pasture walks and inspections help determine where invasive plants are taking root. Learn how to control invasive species when you find them.

Giant ragweed continues to be one of the most common and troublesome weeds in Ohio. It has a fast growth rate and is an extremely competitive plant.

Having a diversity of plants in your pasture can be good for your farm — you may just have to diversify your operation.

Fall is a great time to control perennial and biennial weeds. Applying systemic herbicides at this time of year results in better weed control.

Knocking back woody perennials like multiflora rose takes effort. Proactive weed management is really the best approach in any pasture or fence line. 

If herbicides are what you need to tackle a problem, consider the temperature and timing and their impact on the product you are using.

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture has added Ravenna grass, glossy buckthorn and common buckthorn to a list of noxious weeds.

Japanese clover is a persistent perennial, woody weed that will compete with your grass for nutrients, whether it be in your yard or in your pasture.