Monday, January 18, 2021
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You can get the best weed control in your alfalfa fields simply by paying closer attention to alfalfa management.

The University of Missouri Extension’s Weed ID app can be useful for weed identification in your lawn and garden.

After weeks of battling weeds, by June gardeners are tempted to throw in the hat. Tools, natural herbicides, mulch and cover crops can help control weeds.

It looks like a field of mustard, but it's not. And livestock producers pay attention: Cressleaf grounsel is toxic to cattle, horses, goats and sheep -- and humans.

Although most people consider dandelions weeds, the plant has been used as food and medicine for hundreds of years.

Palmer amaranth is a member of the pigweed family and is spreading across the U.S.A.

Having a weed management plan can be beneficial to maximizing your crop yield this year. OSU's weed experts, Mark Loux and Doug Doohan share a few pointers on weed management.

Members of the Ohio State University Weed Team are providing growers with free screenings of redroot pigweed, waterhemp and Palmer amaranth, as well as other weed species, this fall.

Time-elapse videos from Purdue University show need for pre-emergent herbicide to control Palmer amaranth.

Gardeners can learn a lot about their soil right now simply by looking at the weeds growing in it.