5 tips for keeping cut flowers fresh


If you receive flowers for Valentine’s Day, you’ll want to keep them healthy for as long as possible. According to the University of Minnesota Extension, there are several ways to having long-lasting cut flowers.

Recut stems

If flowers have been out of water for more than a few minutes, recut the stems and place them in water immediately. Cut stems underwater to make sure that no air gets into the stem.

Another way to preserve stems is through a process called “hardening.” Place freshly cut stems in 110 degree Fahrenheit water and put in a cool area for an hour or two. Water molecules move quickly at high temperatures, so water will move rapidly up the stems. This allows for initial maximum water uptake.

vase of flowers

Use a floral preservative

Flowers receive their food from the leaves of the plant that they were cut from. Cut flowers need a supplemental food source to keep them alive longer. Mix a floral preservative into the water.

Contrary to popular belief, adding an aspirin tablet, wine or pennies don’t help keep flowers fresh.

Check water levels

Every day, check the amount of water that’s in your flower vase. Add water and floral preservative when needed.

Keep away from hot and cold

Put flowers in the right environment. Keep flowers away from hot or cold air drafts. These locations speed up water loss. Also, don’t place flowers near televisions, radiators or direct heat. These locations also increase water loss, plus they speed up respiration and plant development, so petals will unfold more quickly.

Use a clean vase

This may seem like common sense, but flowers will thrive in clean environments. Remove any leaves that are below the water’s surface before they deteriorate.

By taking care of your flowers, you’ll be able to enjoy them long after Valentine’s Day.


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