Freeze eggs to keep them longer

how to freeze eggs

One of our favorite blogs, The Prairie Homestead, has a really wonderful post about freezing and storing eggs.

Why freeze eggs? Sometimes you have more eggs than you can sell or eat. Finding a way to preserve those little gems is important.

Several techniques

There’s several ways eggs can be preserved, (pickling comes to mind). There’s also a method of preserving eggs with mineral oil.

The mineral oil method is useful only if you preserve them within 24-hours of laying. Also, oiling eggs renders them useless for baking, the oil interferes with the foaming properties of the egg whites.


But, if you’re looking for an easy way to  preserve eggs for eating or baking, Prairie Homestead recommends freezing them.

It’s an easy process, and the only things you’ll need are a freezer-safe container and a bit of honey or salt. You could also try using an ice-cube tray to make measured egg-cubes.

Eggs preserved this way can last up to 6 months.

Here’s another technique from

» Via: The Prairie Homestead  How to Freeze Eggs


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  1. Great bit ‘o reading, Will!

    After the debacle we’ve all witnessed in Wash., DC. of late, thoughts of stocking up on food should be music to our ears. I see no good economic nor financial road ahead, but that’s just my opinion.

    In time of plenty, store up for the future.

    • Thanks, Ken!

      You know, I’ve been hearing quite a bit about “preppers.” In case you’re not familiar, they’re a subculture of people who prepare for what they believe will be the end of the civilized world.

      They stock up on food, guns, ammo, medical supplies and basically anything that could be useful in a world where government is dissolved.

      I can’t say I believe in everything preppers do, but I can’t see how storing some extra food could hurt.

      So many people are interested in creating a relationship they had with the land (homesteaders, urban farmers, etc.). It’s really encouraging to see!

      Thanks for reading!


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