Ohio honey production down 29.2 percent from 2012


REYNOLDSBURG — Ohio honey production for 2013 totaled 765,000 pounds, down 29.2 percent from 2012. This estimate included honey from producers with five or more colonies.

Nationally, Ohio ranked 26th in honey production in 2013. Ohio was ranked 23rd in 2012. Yields from Ohio’s 17,000 colonies producing honey averaged 45 pounds in 2013, compared with 60 pounds the previous year.

Ohio honey price averaged 321 cents per pound, up 75 cents per pound from last year. Value of production totaled $2.46 million, down 7.6 percent from 2012.

Honey stocks were 390,000 pounds, down 4.9 percent from 2012.

National picture

Nationally, honey production in 2013 from producers with five or more colonies totaled 149 million pounds, up 5 percent from 2012.

There were 2.64 million colonies producing honey in 2013, up 4 percent from 2012. Yield per colony averaged 56.6 pounds, up 1 percent from the 56 pounds in 2012.

Colonies which produced honey in more than one state were counted in each state where the honey was produced. Therefore, at the United States level, yield per colony may be understated, but total production would not be impacted.

Colonies were not included if honey was not harvested. Producer honey stocks were 38.2 million pounds on Dec. 15, 2013, up 20 percent from a year earlier.

Record high prices

Stocks held by producers exclude those held under the commodity loan program. Honey prices increased to a record high during 2013 to 212.1 cents per pound, up 6 percent from 199.2 cents per pound in 2012.

United States and state level prices reflect the portions of honey sold through cooperatives, private and retail channels. Prices for each color class are derived by weighting the quantities sold for each marketing channel.

Prices for the 2012 crop reflect honey sold in 2012 and 2013. Some 2012 crop honey was sold in 2013, which caused some revisions to the 2012 crop prices.



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  1. Folks–PLEASE! Buy your honey from local Ohio/PA/MI producers. You will get 100% pure local honey.

    China is flooding the market with tainted honey, and heaven knows what’s in it. They have even “trans-shipped” it to other countries, who then re-label the lousy Chinese honey with other countries of origin! These Chinese merchants are something else.

    Want to see if the honey you’ve already bought is 100% “Pure” or it cut with corn syrup (…or worse), check out this:



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