A Cat’s Christmas Dream


Athena Pantelides, 10 yrs.
Louisville, Ohio

Snowla the cat was watching the snow fall outside of her house. Snowla’s owner spoiled her. You see Snowla’s house was a huge mansion, and Snowla’s owner had a big golden retriever.

The dog’s name is Carla. Carla didn’t want to scare away cats but just the sight of the dog could give a cat a heart attack.

One day Snowla asked Carla, “Carla why don’t I get any friends while other cats get friends?” Carla couldn’t answer her question. Snowla spent most of her nine lives living sadly and lonely until one Christmas Eve.

It was snowing as usual but one little snowflake caught her eye. It was beautiful it sparkled pink and blue colors. Snowla rushed outside while Carla came after her. Snowla picked up the snowflake and when she did the snowflake led her to a different world. It was a terrible desert. A strange feline came up.

The cat said that Snowla was the only cat that could save them now, and that the prophecy claims that a cat as white as snow would soon come and the white cat would bring snow to the land. Snowla said it was impossible but Carla said, “This might be the start of something.” Snowla agreed and they were about to leave until they asked, “What are we supposed to do?” The cat said, “Follow your heart.”

So Carla and Snowla kept walking and saw the beautiful scenery. When it was almost sunrise they saw what was causing the problem a dark crystal. It was black and it controlled the weather. All they needed to do was turn it blue again. But they didn’t know what to do.

Then a thirsty dog walked up to Snowla and asked her for her most prized possession … her ruby necklace. What should I do? Thought Snowla. “Wait!” Said Carla. Maybe this is a test. Snowla agreed and with a firm voice Snowla said… you can take it.

Suddenly the crystal turned blue and a beautiful snow and ice collar sparkled as flew to Snowla. “It’s snowing!” Said Snowla.

A beautiful fairy came up to Snowla and told her, “True wealth comes from helping others.” Then snowla opened her eyes and found herself at home. And around her neck was the beautiful snow collar. Snowla also saw a Christmas tree filled with presents just for her and Carla.



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