Monday, February 20, 2017

There are other options that may be more cost effective and less labor intensive, that could eliminate a lot of hay needs during the winter.

Now Boywonder and Girlwonder are grown, or nearly so (sob). It seemed time for them to pen a tell some, if not a tell all.

How well each farm would fare through the coming years of substantially lower milk prices would be heavily influenced by the financial health of the farm going in.

It was the first January in memory that delivered more rainfall than sleet, ice and snow combined.

Each livestock species has a tool or set of tools that help it gather food, grind and swallow.
fake news Susan Crowell

Editor Susan Crowell suggests everyone plays a major role in rejecting fake news.

The future of agriculture looks very different than the past. Tomorrow’s Ag leaders show the way with service, collaboration and value-driven leadership.

This stole even has a stone mason stumped, can you help Michael Cappel discover how his mystery item was used?

It doesn't matter how loud or messy the other person is, you're all in.

Most of the experts are saying we will see the most comprehensive tax reform since the tax reforms of 1986 by President Ronald Reagan.
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