Wednesday, November 13, 2019

The farm may rest, but it scoffs at the notion that sleep is possible despite our efforts to lure it into tranquility.
bottle feeding lamb

Anyone who has ever fed an orphan lamb or a newborn calf can tell you it is an experience that stays with you.

Stop trying to get maximum production. No more topping last year's average daily gains, enough with the peak efficiencies and quit angling for record...

The rain let up on New Year's Eve, leaving the bricks of my brother's new entry patio glistening in the moonlight.

Learn more about how to volunteer your time and get involved with conservation.

Ag journalists were well-blessed last Election Day when, in the Dem's retaking of the U.S. House of Representative, Collin Peterson assumed the chairmanship of that chamber's Agriculture Committee.

With the current state of the agricultural economy, managing electricity costs may be a way to reduce operating expenses.

According to Alan Guebert, the unpublished, unseen USDA reform "plan" looks backward 40 years, not forward even 10.

Today, autocorrect on most devices has made it easy to pretend that spelling (and proofreading) doesn’t matter.
Dorothy Pelanda

Ohio's new director of agriculture, Dorothy Pelanda, is ready to put her years of negotiating and relationship building to work for Ohio agriculture.
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