Thursday, October 29, 2020

Remember fluorocarbon? Yep, it is a preferred fishing line of the present and future and here’s why.
Ohio corn

Crops are looking good, for the most part, but the market price definitely is not.

I often get questions from hunters and other wildlife enthusiasts about improving whitetail deer habitat on their property. In many instances, these conversations are immediately directed toward the planting of food plots. Landowners want to know the best food source they can plant to attract deer and other wildlife.

Lives can change in an instant, something columnist Judith Sutherland ponders in this week's column.

The great weather pattern that had an early harvest started in Ohio came to a wet halt Sept. 28.

With the 2011 grazing season underway I imagine everyone is moving livestock to new paddocks on a regular basis by now. It has been...
Monarch butterfly

Julie Geiss recalls a monarch butterfly migration she was lucky enough to witness during her youth.
Appalachian Trail

David Defer, a mid-20s backpacker, reported that he had already passed the 1,294-mile marker, the exact half-way point of the Appalachian Trail.
Angus cattle grazing

There’s a stone wall of sorts near the top of our country lane. People don’t know if it’s coming or going unless they visited...

This is the time of year when harvest begins, and farmers become aware of where erosion and gullying is under way in their fields...