Saturday, March 2, 2024

Fishers may be making a resurgence in Ohio as 30 have been sighted in Ashtabula, Lake, Trumbull, Jefferson and Columbiana counties since 2013.
Eric Keller and his cow Baby

Eric Keller prepares for his cow, Baby, to give birth during the muddiest and wettest time of the year.
Beech Leaf Disease Canopy

Sarah Rowen talks about ways farmers and landowners can receive help with their woodlands regarding timber use and logging.
hornet nest patterns

Tami Gingrich offers insight into the construction of the large, grey, pear-shaped, nests built by bald-faced hornets.

February and March are the best two months because it is breeding season. Coyotes are busy, aggressive, and more apt to respond to the right sounds now.

Eric Keller lives up the name of his column as he waits for his cow Baby to give birth.
sweet chestnut

Learn two different methods for successfully growing chestnut seeds from seed.

Coyotes are arguably the most vocal of all North American mammals. Learn more about understanding the meaning behind their various vocalizations.
conestoga wagon

The Conestoga wagon had many tools that helped families move westward in the 1800s. Paul Locher gives a detailed description of its most important features.

Just days after 20 inches of snow blanketed the ridge, a second storm arrived. We could have another 8 inches by morning. Such conditions bring...