Friday, September 29, 2023
john deere logo on tractor

Alan Guebert recalls some of his favorite tractor and farm equipment models from his youth.

Learn how to price corn silage for the best economic return.

Ensure a smooth silage harvest by checking equipment, setting and monitoring the correct chop length and kernel rolls and putting safety first.
calf with bottle

Judith Sutherland talks about how taste and smell can transport one back in time to childhood memories.
heart on a fall leaf

Liz Partsch has always been drawn to nature, from her childhood in southwestern Pennsylvania to her time spent attending college in Athens, Ohio.
Ohio Buckeye seed and leaves.

Ohio State University Extension educator Jordon Penrose talks about ways to detect and prevent livestock from eating poisonous plants in the pasture.

Thriving in western South Dakota often looks more like just surviving, but this year, Eliza Blue can relax a little as rain is once again predicted to fall.

Want to make your backyard more environmentally-friendly this fall? Here are some tips for making better use of leaf litter and incorporating native plants.
Item No. 1256.

Item No. 1256 was submitted by Keith Greathouse, of Uniontown, Ohio. Can you help him solve this week's mystery?
Kym Seabolt's house

Kimberly Foster Seabolt reflects on what it means to be home in the place your grew up.