Thursday, February 29, 2024
Item No. 1265

I'm not convinced our Hazard A Guess? savants will be stumped by Item No. 1265, as I'm certain I have seen these lying around antique and thrift shops.
seabolt goat

Kymberly Seabolt introduces us to her pets, Kai, Nova, Jackson and her escape-artist goat Buttercream, who likes to visit the porch in the morning.
conestoga wagon

The Conestoga wagon was a sturdy, dependable vehicle that could handle the rugged and virtually non-existent trails to carry early settlers west.

Judith Sutherland is grateful her grandchild do their chores when asked — something she attributes to being raised on a farm.
algae forecast 2014

Alan Guebert digs into the recent efforts of lawmakers to address nitrate pollution in waterways that is causing cancer.

Eliza Blue is reminded that dealing with livestock and weather are two entities only a fool would claim mastery over.
bee on goldenrod

Max Miller discusses how integrated pest management can help farmers protect pollinators, reduce pesticide use and and save money.

Ohio State University Extension educator Clifton Martin weighs which lime applications farmers should use to manage magnesium deficiencies in pastures.

Bryce Angell learns the hard way that the world doesn't work the way it used to.
angle grinder

Eric Keller writes about a present gone wrong after he has trouble working with an angle grinder.