Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Judith Sutherland reflects on what the Cleveland Indians' World Series berth against the Chicago Cubs means to her son on his 30th birthday.

Farming is one of the few professions that requires such diligence and hard-headed shoulder-to-the wheel grit just to stay in business.

They just don't make presidential candidates like they did in the 1800s. Hard to believe Abraham Lincoln accomplished so much with so few words.

Judith Sutherland recalls her upbringing and details how its defined her.

Judith Sutherland recalls watching the Art Linkletter during simpler times.

In observance of National Dog Week, Judith Sutherland remembers her late English Shepherd with fondness.

Who is profiting in the dairy industry?

Judith Sutherland recalls finding arrowheads on her family farm as a child.

Before cooking was a hobby, it meant surviving.
American flag and saluting soldier

The flag is an enduring symbol reminding us of our freedom to make decisions and should never be taken for granted.
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