Saturday, December 5, 2020
Judith Sutherland

Judith Sutherland


Judith Sutherland shares the story behind "You been farming long?" — the most highly recognized poster of all time.

Childhood television shows and values have all changed — significantly.

How do you say goodbye when good neighbors move?

Quicksand forms in an area where soil is very high in sand when the water saturation level makes liquid mud that can trap anything it comes in contact with.

A look at some laws regarding cattle from around the United States.

Is anyone else watching "The Incredible Dr. Pol," televised on National Geographic channels? It's become columnist Judie Sutherland's winter treat.

(Part two)The first time color came to the TV screen for us to see, it seemed the whole world had changed. That NBC peacock...
Ohio farmland

Renting one farm while buying another, Judith Sutherland's young parents knew that land was a precious commodity. It was worth long days and elbow grease.

Nicknames remain a tradition in small town settings, memorializing people over time.

The Cowboy Way, Alabama, has provided Judith Sutherland with an enjoyable escape from snow and ice.