Monday, May 16, 2022
Judith Sutherland

Judith Sutherland

Pennsylvania farmland

Judith Sutherland shares what the song "Buy Dirt," written by brothers Jacob and Jordan Davis, means to her.

Judith Sutherland shares the story behind "You been farming long?" — the most highly recognized poster of all time.

Carly Simon's Anticipation came out in 1971 and was worth every penny to Judith Sutherland. She knew the lyrics to every song.
christmas garland

Judith Sutherland reunites with her long-lost church camp friend, Kindra.
Little girl

Judith Sutherland recalls a close call from her childhood and reminds us that safety should always be a top priority with children on the farm.

Childhood television shows and values have all changed — significantly.

Judith Sutherland remembers her dog, Chantico, following her passing. The tiny Yorkie brought love, spunk and a peculiar personality to the Sutherlands.
Duma trucks and flags

"Neither to serve nor to rule" was the motto that built our country and created steely individuals filled with deep determination, pride and integrity.
Ohio farmland

Renting one farm while buying another, Judith Sutherland's young parents knew that land was a precious commodity. It was worth long days and elbow grease.
hands in a corn field

Children serve as a reminder of years — and time in general — rolling by faster than we otherwise would realize.