Saturday, July 22, 2017
Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Reader says Bush has performed impeachable acts on numerous occasions for four years.

Ohio Senate Bill 115 grows as amendments drafted; auctioneers vote to oppose it.

A voter's responsibility is to vote for the candidate they feel will govern best. But what if none of the candidates are acceptable to the voter?

For those who have diabetes or an eye disease, please follow the advice of your eye care professional. Early detection is crucial.

One reader gives tips for moving farm equipment safely on the roads.

One reader wishes community festivals would be fun instead of expensive to attend.

Reader says you can't point to the current administration for all of this country's current woes.

The apostles and martyrs didn't have the Bible, but reader Kevin Sherlock bets they're "saved" anyway.

Reader disputes last week's writer who said Judith Sutherland is a victim of lying ancestors.

Family trees are often filled with more fiction than fact, observes reader Kevin Sherlock.
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