Sunday, February 19, 2017
Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

I was disheartened to read of the public outcry in Carroll County over the closing of the FSA office. Given our country's massive federal...

Over the past few weeks, there has been discussion about a project in Tanzania involving AgriSol Energy. It is an exciting project meant to help Tanzanians implement modern, sustainable agricultural practices.

The government pays thousands of people to "help" the farmer. Just how do these government organizations help us farmers?

The United States government borrows trillions of dollars from China, which will some day need to be paid back by our children or grandchildren, with interest.

Editor:There is a plan to close the FSA office in Carroll County to help save money by consolidating offices. I am all for saving...

On Dec. 28 a kind, thoughtful and wonderful person, or persons, performed an act of kindness and I want to thank them.

We can not keep slaughtering an excess of 100,000 horses every year and say this is a necessary evil to dispose of horses. We need to control the breeding of the horses to regain ground in price and value for the horse.

The "farm bill," as quoted by Farm and Dairy editor Susan Crowell, is 75 percent not directed to the "farm." May I venture to say that another 20 percent of that remains is welfare for bankers, lawyers, politicians and multinational corporations. That leaves less than 10 billion dollars to benefit farmers.

Editor:I am a local farmer. I'm a simple man and, like most farmers, I have a lot of common sense. Simplicity and common sense...

Farmers must never lose sight of the real power farmers have and that should be used in the marketplace. Market power, not government power, will bring lasting prosperity to America’s dairy farmers.
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