Monday, May 16, 2022

It's a dog's life around columnist Judie Sutherland's house. But that's not all bad...

What happens to livestock and animals in the middle of a disaster like a wildfire, or a residential fire, for that matter. Columnist Judie Sutherland shares a story of local fire fighting heroics.

Columnist Judie Sutherland is glad to see a growing trend toward more daughters working alongside their farmer fathers.

Columnist Judith Sutherland tells why she believes Farmers should certainly be the most excellent and firm bunch in all the world, all things considered.

Sunday morning dawned crisp, clear and beautiful. What a great way to close out an impressive Independence Day celebration weekend.

Columnist Judith Sutherland shares an update on family life through the eyes of their four-legged family member.

The final part of the Myers family: Their tragedy and success. The story goes on.

Columnist Judith Sutherland continues her series on the Myers clan.

Columnist Judith Sutherland continues her tale of Ashland County's inventors, the Myers brothers. After exhibiting their pumps at the Ohio State Fair and winning the highest award there, the Myers brothers went in to full production.

Columnist Judith Sutherland continues her series on the Myers brothers.