Monday, May 23, 2022

Precipitation pulls nitrates down to the ground creating poor man's fertilizer. Rain and snow both contain nitrogen, but snow is a better delivery method.
Arbor Lane Loop Trail at Chapin Forest

Julie Geiss and her family enjoy the outdoors following the recent heavy snow, visiting Chapin Forest Reservation to ski.
girl in winter clothes

Julie Geiss' crew needed a reminder of how to dress in order to enjoy the outdoors during winter. Use her tips to stay warm and active all winter long.

Julie Geiss and her family enjoy the sights of winter at Raccoon Creek State Park in Beaver County, Pennsylvania.
forest trail

Julie Geiss contemplates the possibilities of 2022 and shares her goals for the new year.
snowy owl

Julie Giess ponders how rare it is to see a snowy owl in the wild following a sighting along the bank of the Grand River recently.
Richfield Heritage Preserve

Julie Geiss returns to the Richfield Heritage Preserve in Richfield, Ohio to enjoy the sights and history.
tracks in snow

Tracking helps Julie Geiss learn about the journeys of woodland creatures that make their home in the woods behind her house.
Julie Geiss Christmas tree

Julie Geiss shares considerations for choosing a live Christmas tree as she and her family prepare to go get theirs.
Sunken Garden Trail

Julie Geiss ponders whether there are broadleaf trees that are evergreens or coniferous trees that are deciduous on a hike in Moraine State Park.