Saturday, February 4, 2023
winter sunrise

It is the harshness of winter that makes Julie Geiss appreciate the long days of summer. Now that we're past winter solstice, longer days are coming.

Julie Geiss balances all the treats of the holiday season with healthy sprouts she's learned to grow herself in mason jars on a windowsill.

Julie Geiss considers the falling water levels in Lake Powell and Lake Mead and is reminded that fresh water is not something we should take for granted.
forest trail

Linking across eight states and stretching 4,800 miles, the North Country National Scenic Trail is the longest in the National Trails System.
Mill Stream Run Reservation

Julie Geiss' daughter gets hooked on distance running following the completion of her first half-marathon at Mill Stream Run Reservation.

Julie Geiss shares her grandfather's arrowhead collection with her children, focusing on the history of the artifacts that he uncovered.
Bush honeysuckle

There are several different bush honeysuckle species in Ohio. Grouping them together, they are one of the most threatening invasive species in the state.
Schenley Park

Schenley Park provides a natural sanctuary for city dwellers, university students and other visitors. Julie Geiss digs into the park's romantic history.

Julie Geiss and her family enjoyed a bike ride from the Carnegie Science Center along the river to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History on Forbes Avenue.

Julie Geiss recalls all the challenges of a days-long family bike trip, amused that her children recall the same trip and only remember the adventure.