Thursday, August 11, 2022
loggerhead sea turtle

On her family vacation in Frisco, North Carolina, Julie Geiss experiences a rare treat as rangers mark and check a loggerhead sea turtle nest.
North Carolina's Outer Banks

For over 20 years, Julie Geiss' family members have migrated back to the North Carolina coastline like birds of the same feather.
replica of Harman Blennerhassett's estate

Julie Geiss visits Blennerhassett State Park near Parkersburg, West Virginia, and enjoys all it has to offer.
Radar Hill

Julie Geiss and her daughter hike Radar Hill near the Ridges on the campus of Ohio University in Athens County, Ohio, and take in all of the area's history.

Muskrats were historically quite adept at multiplying; however, researchers have found that the population of muskrats in Ohio has been on the decline. 
Baltimore Oriole

Julie Geiss enjoys the company of all her feathered visitors from her porch.
Hellbender Bluff Park

Julie Giess and her children visit Hellbender Bluff — a hidden gem consisting of 732 acres in Columbiana County.
Quail Hollow Park

Over 700 acres of wetland marshes, meadows and woodlands comprise Quail Hollow Park. There is also a 40-room historic manor located within the park.
large flowered white trillium

A heavy frost during the last week of April led Julie Geiss to do some crazy things — she covered wildflowers in the woods to protect them.

Some plants naturally keep mosquitoes at bay. Most of them do well in containers that can be arranged around outdoor gatherings. Julie Geiss offers insight.