Monday, April 12, 2021
Trumpeter swans

Learn more about Trumpeter swans' appearance, reproduction habits and reintroduction into Ohio.
house plant

Julie Geiss shares her journey from plant killer to green thumb, pinpointing the moment she started caring to when her mom passed away suddenly in 2018.
ice fishing

Julie Geiss shares the trials, tribulations and success of a family ice fishing trip.

Julie Geiss shares some winter activities her family has participated in instead of cross-country skiing this year.

Julie Geiss and her husband decide whether or not to let their oldest son go duck hunting on the Ohio River.

Julie Geiss shares some of the geocaching adventures she's had with her children.
Beaver Township rock

Inquisitive minds wonder who carved "The Rock" of South Beaver Township and why they completed the arduous task. Julie Geiss weighs in on local folklore.

Julie Geiss weighs in on the new fad in immunity support — elderberry products — and the work it takes to harvest them.

Julie Geiss reminds us, like many other things in life, moderation is the key when partaking in winter nourishment via snow and icicles.
Pioneer Pavilion

Julie Geiss and her family recently chose to start puppy training at one of the oldest buildings in Youngstown, Pioneer Pavilion.