Saturday, January 22, 2022
tracks in snow

Tracking helps Julie Geiss learn about the journeys of woodland creatures that make their home in the woods behind her house.
Julie Geiss Christmas tree

Julie Geiss shares considerations for choosing a live Christmas tree as she and her family prepare to go get theirs.
Sunken Garden Trail

Julie Geiss ponders whether there are broadleaf trees that are evergreens or coniferous trees that are deciduous on a hike in Moraine State Park. 

Julie Geiss dives into bobcat research after discovering there's one sniffing around in the woods near her home. 
Ansel's Cave Trail

The West Woods in Russell Township is 902 acres of golden autumn beauty with many miles of trails to explore.

Julie Geiss reminds us that our national treasure is the collective group of veterans that have defended our freedom across the globe.
deer rub

From a young age, scouting walks have taught Julie Geiss' sons to study the habits and changing travel patterns of deer in preparation for hunting season.
Pawpaw tree

Julie Geiss and her family made it home safely after their trip through Paw Paw, West Virginia, with a new goal of finding and eating pawpaws.
Jordan Creek Park

Jordan Creek Park in Concord Township, Ohio offers visitors the perfect combination of nature and play with climbing walls, a zip line and more.
Ohio forest

Forest bathing allows people to absorb the forest atmosphere, which can have both psychological and physical health benefits.