Friday, May 20, 2022
Killdeer nest

Julie Giess recounts a recent run-in with a killdeer and reflects on what a great time of year it is for birdwatchers.

Julie Geiss recalls the time she tried to raise peafowl and all the trials and tribulations that came with it. Is she going for round two?
radon test

Julie Giess details how she tested her family's home for radon and the steps she took to further reduce exposure after receiving the results.

Julie Geiss shares some of the geocaching adventures she's had with her children.
Ansel's Cave Trail

The West Woods in Russell Township is 902 acres of golden autumn beauty with many miles of trails to explore.

Precipitation pulls nitrates down to the ground creating poor man's fertilizer. Rain and snow both contain nitrogen, but snow is a better delivery method.
Sunken Garden Trail

Julie Geiss ponders whether there are broadleaf trees that are evergreens or coniferous trees that are deciduous on a hike in Moraine State Park. 

Julie Geiss slows down this week, allowing herself to be mesmerized by all of nature's beautiful patterns.
Pawpaw tree

Julie Geiss and her family made it home safely after their trip through Paw Paw, West Virginia, with a new goal of finding and eating pawpaws.
Beaver Township rock

Inquisitive minds wonder who carved "The Rock" of South Beaver Township and why they completed the arduous task. Julie Geiss weighs in on local folklore.