Saturday, December 10, 2022
Vintage China

As Kym Seabolt's children search for the perfect furniture to fill their homes, she is reminded that a comfortable home is not only trendy but timeless. 
railroad tracks

The sounds of country life may take some getting used to for newcomers.

Kym Seabolt thought when she grew up, she would go to the mall whenever she wanted, stay out late and never wash a dish. She couldn't have been more wrong.
Kym Seabolt fern

Kymberly Foster Seabolt has discovered a newfound passion, caring for her porch ferns.
kitchen sink

Boywonder finally found a house worthy to make into a home, and wouldn't you know, it's a big white farmhouse on some very pretty rural land.
Seabolt friendships

Kymberly Seabolt comes from a long line of women who taught her the value of friendship.
Kym Seabolt's peanut butter pie

Kym Seabolt reminds readers why we need to make sure we keep up our "homemade" skills for the coming generations. 
snow cone

Kym Seabolt reminds readers that everyone could use a do-nothing day from time to time to remember that really enjoying summer is all about balance.  

In the wise words of a fellow Gen X childhood survivor “we didn’t go home unless a bone was sticking out, someone was unconscious … or it was time to eat.”  

GirWonder's best friend saves day, retrieving her forgotten suitcase on her wedding day.