Sunday, April 2, 2023
vintage tv

Season 54 of Kym Seabolt's life was a wild ride with plot twists and memorable episodes — both good and bad. But, every day she wakes up is a blessing.
purses and wallets

Kym Seabolt considers the usefulness of women's purses and fashions throughout the generations of women in her family.

Kym Seabolt recently celebrated her birthday and managed to turn it into a birthweek.
deviled eggs

With grown adult "children" Kym Seabolt has to consider their work schedules and in-laws when planning holiday dinners and events.
Kym Seabolt's house

Kym Seabolt counts the projects and blessings her old house has provided over the years.
grocery cart

Kym Seabolt has noticed not only higher prices at the grocery store but also smaller-sized products.

Kym Seabolt and her husband repurposed an oddly-shaped living room closet into a usable space. Find out how their latest DIY project turned out.
Kym Seabolt's goat

As an amateur goat wrangler with years of experience, Kym Seabolt offers up her primer on the care and keeping of flight-risk livestock.
prairie flowers

Moving to a rural place, engaging with the seasons, the animals under her care, the weather, and the land have all helped Eliza Blue feel more harmonious.
seabolt soccer team

Kym Seabolt reminds the too-intense sports parents: "We are, God willing, raising future adults. It is up to us as a society to model civilized behavior."