Sunday, February 25, 2024
Washing Machine Control

Doing the laundry never seemed like rocket science until the washing machines, detergent and everything else that goes with it got more complicated.
Cherry Street Now and Then

Kym Seabolt and her mother traveled to Findlay, Ohio, to find the homes of ancestors long gone.
child playing in dirt

Some of the greatest joys of childhood are borne of bumps, bruises and the sheer thrill of unplanned hours spent in exploration.
graduation cap

Kym Seabolt is here to provide a virtual hug and assure parents of recent high school graduates that letting go can bring happy tears too.

Low rise? No thanks! Kym Seabolt would just like to zip up her jeans, using zippers greater than a quarter inch long.
lentil soup

In her quest to reduce food waste at home, Kym Seabolt is channeling her grandmother, who was a genius in using leftover food to make delicious dishes.
Seabolt House Date

Kym Seabolt has been on an obsessive quest to figure out the exact year her home was constructed.
Kym Seabolt's house

Kym Seabolt's porch is the site of some of her most cherished memories and most relaxing summer afternoons. It's a wonderful place to sit.

Kym Seabolt couldn’t have chosen a better person to be married to — with or without coffee.
black bear

Kym Seabolt lives by one core mantra, and that is nature is not to be trusted.