Sunday, May 26, 2024
Little Pasture on the Prairie

Little Pasture on the Prairie


After 10 years on the ranch, Eliza Blue and her family are now residents of the tiny prairie town that sits adjacent to their east pasture. 

Joy and ease are two things Eliza Blue has written about a lot over the years and aspires to embody.
butternut squash

Eliza Blue discusses the surprising benefits grasshoppers had on her winter squash plants this year.

Eliza Blue ponders letting go of things you can't control and how to appreciate the inevitable cold of winter.

Eliza Blue talks about the real amount of control any of us has over our lives.
wheat field

Eliza Blue feels like her body and soul might finally be getting reacquainted after so much time spent apart.

There are always power struggles in the coop but Eliza Blue reminds her flock, they're all in it together.
sheep dog

Eliza Blue's outdoor pets love to wait at the back patio for their morning breakfast. She finds it endearing. The man of the ranch is not as amused.

Eliza Blue thinks about a friend who passed away suddenly, listening to the birds in her writing nook.
prairie flowers

Eliza Blue looks for balance in her life, reflecting on how the earth achieves it during the autumn equinox.