Wednesday, April 17, 2024
Little Pasture on the Prairie

Little Pasture on the Prairie


This is the part of the summer when Eliza Blue discovers what the defining insect infestation of the season is going to be. It looks like grasshoppers.
barn kittens

It's too bad cat ranching isn't a lucrative business model. Because if it was, Eliza Blue would have all the success.
Fog and cows.

Eliza Blue discusses how she and her friend, Heather Benson, use the fog calendar to predict precipitation.

Eliza Blue shares the legend of the Bloody Shoulder marking after getting her daughter a horse with it.

Spring milking is a dream within a dream for Eliza Blue, and an orphaned calf named Little Jones, too.
black cat

Eliza Blue has been worried about Mama Cat for months as she vanished shortly after being spayed. Fortunately, she was just on vacation.
jersey cow

A recent trip to the barn to milk her old milk cow, Rita, reminded Eliza Blue why she is thankful for her life on a ranch and all its gifts. 
barn kittens

Barn cat politics are complicated. They are full of alliances, double-crossing and violent overthrows. 
snow on fence

Eliza Blue prepares for winter on her South Dakota ranch.
cow grazing

Two weeks ago, an older cow refused to stand after giving birth to a stillborn calf. Miraculously, she is recovering and continuing to improve.