Sunday, October 1, 2023
Little Pasture on the Prairie

Little Pasture on the Prairie

white-tailed deer

Deer have been a major hindrance to Eliza Blue's tours the last two summers. While she's proud of her music, she hasn't enjoyed the accidents.

Eliza Blue doesn't mind taking it slow with her colt, learning a little more about her every day, building a bridge of trust one careful brick at a time.
farm storm

Eliza Blue attempts to plan a concert around the unpredictable weather on her ranch.

South Dakota's mosquito season is typically gentler than other places Eliza Blue has lived, but this year has been a different story.
empty nest

Early in the summer, two gray birds with pale yellow chest feathers started building a nest in the exterior eave of one of Eliza Blue's outbuildings.

Eliza Blue shares a horse-wrangling story that proves her ranching skills are both improving and still need work.
barn kittens

Eliza Blue reflects on balancing act that is life.

Eliza Blue shares the story of how she found her new puppy during a time of sickness and exhaustion.
bumble bee

Eliza Blue recalls the summer days she spent with her young children on her ranch, doing chores and and finding gratitude in the life all around her.
ewe and lamb

The most unlikely ewe in Eliza Blue's flock has become a mother. Despite being orphaned as a lamb, Dandelion Freya survived to become a devoted mother.